Chanel Spencer


A powerful memoir taking readers on a journey of healing and self-discovery as she discloses how she healed from her own traumas and adversities. “Beautiful Enemy” will empower you to align with self-acceptance, forgiveness, and self-love while encouraging you to start your own journey of healing and transformation. Chanel Spencer is the CEO and Founder of Maximum Evolution. 

She is a branding and business development genius. She is a 5x best-selling author and speaker who works with individuals and businesses in multiple industries to identify and build their brand while strategizing ways to overcome or even bypass potential obstacles. Unlike other people in this saturated market, Chanel provides quality business and personal brand development that equals increase in sales, finances, and success.


The Evolution Effect is a compilation of 20 stories of individuals who have taken a risk and a leap of faith in themselves. Individuals who are building a legacy and have made drastic changes in their life. We are sharing their stories to help others to face their own traumas, challenges, and overcome adversities. With our collection of stories, we focused on depression, domestic violence, divorce, mental and physical health challenges, sexual assault, childhood traumas. The sole purpose was to work together to share their stories and create a powerful book to impact and inspire millions of lives.

Our Contributing Authors Lovenia Barkley, Danielle Batiste, Yvonne Brown, Kele Carter, Alexandria Deleon, Sheldine Gordon, Margaret Green, Kettia Green, Noreen N. Henry, Dr. Marguritte S. Johnson, Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills, Jeneea Moore, Mercy Myles-Jenkins, Arica Quinn, Monica D. Reed, John Solema, Vernae Taylor, Chenequa Terrell, and Lindsey Vertner share powerful stories and how they overcame adversities and barriers they faced.

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”Our Truth Is Not A Lie” is an audio and e-book with 18 compelling stories about the black and brown experience. There are often times our experiences are suppressed and unaddressed. When we share our truths it is either disregarded or minimized. Our Truth is Not A Lie and you will hear us loud and clear. Our voices, visions, and black are ALL powerful and beautiful. We deserve to more than matter. We have all worked extremely hard to change the narrative and build a legacy. Listen to our stories. 


Our Contributors are all powerhouse-game changers. Demetrice Anderson, Danielle Batiste, Dr. Deena C. Brown, Yvonne Brown, Lentheus Chaney, Jodi Ann Clarke, Martha Davidson, Cassandra Elliott, Pamela Garrison, Kettia Green, Chris Lee, Sharon Nisbett, Sharon Nisbett, Taniesha Ramsey-Lane, Patrick Stanley,  Vernae Taylor, Lavar Thomas, and Kilimanjaro Toussaint are all accomplished authors, entrepreneurs, and all have dynamic powerful stories.


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In this book, you will meet Harper. She absolutely loves dance. Join her as she has a full day of ballet and gymnastics with her friends. Come and have some fun with her!! You are invited.


In this book, you will meet CJ. He has a super-secret. His parent’s has super powers…shhhh. You can’t tell anyone. Join CJ on his great adventure. As he learns how special and powerful, he truly is.