Chanel Spencer

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Maximum Evolution CEO and Founder

Chanel Spencer is an innovative entrepreneur and CEO of Maximum Evolution, specializing in branding, executive coaching, and business development. Spencer is also 6x best-selling author, creator of ME Publishing, and works with aspiring authors from all over the world walking them through the entire writing process from idea development to launching their finished product into the world. Chanel has two small children that motivate her to make the world a better place which has fueled her passion to give back to her community; donating her time, services, and products to survivors of domestic abuse and high risk youth. She has always found ways to rise above and use the challenges faced as a learning opportunity or preparation for her next chapter in life. Her goal is to impact and transform the lives of millions of women to understand the value they all possess and lead the life of their dreams. Chanel is a tenacious force who worked her way up from an accounting clerk all the way to general manager of a major hotel in NYC. Along the way she has overcome every kind of obstacle you can imagine; she uses her wisdom to help businesses and professionals bypass potential threats by identifying and strengthening their weak areas while expanding on their strengths.

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Warrior’s Paradigm 

Have you felt alone, as if no one under stands your pain or struggles? Have you ever felt stuck like your past has complete control? Have you faced traumas and challenges and have no clue to overcome? A Warrior’s Paradigm is the book for you. Warrior’s Paradigm was written by Chanel to take readers on her journey of transformation and life from her perspective from attempted suicide and domestic violence to becoming the CEO of her own company. For readers to understand past experiences do not have to define your future success. Warrior’s Paradigm will empower you to align with self-acceptance and self-love while encouraging you to start your own journey of healing and transformation. 

Satisfied Customers


Chanel has grown and evolved swiftly and enormously over the past few years. I see now with all of her attitude and all of her perseverance and consistency, the sky may not even be the limit for her. Chanel has inspired me to push myself to do what is needed to reach my goals and happiness and find my true purpose. She has pushed and inspired me tremendously with building my business and showed me how to take charge of my life and push to make my dreams come to light. She has showed me that despite the obstacles to never settle and never back down.

-Nicola Love 

My name is Danielle Novie, the owner of” BeYOUty Treats”. After a few years of sampling, testing, waiting for results, etc. I decided it was time to begin to let the world know who I am and what I have to offer as a business. On a daily basis I would be up long hours of the night putting together all my thoughts, ideas, brand names, products names, smells, labels, you name it. There have been many times I felt stuck and hopeless. It was too many things needed to be done for my business can run smoothly. Little did I know I would find the wonderful Chanel spencer CEO of her own company Maximum Evolution. I can honestly say I would not be this far with my business if I had not received Chanel’s guidance and assistance. Not only did Chanel help with building, promoting, product labeling, logos, t-shirts, and much more she also helped me mentally get through any rough/difficult times I have had starting my business. .

-Danielle Novie

When I think of Chanel, the words that come to mind are proficient, phenomenal, efficacious, dominant, forceful to name a few and if you knew her back story you would agree. Chanel is an amazing person who has survived. She has survived heartache, betrayal and violence from people she would have never thought would betray her but look at her now. Her head is held high and she is living her truth and has been the happiness I have ever seen her. Chanel has grown tremendously and I know because I been with her through it all. Around 2017 when she told me she is working on herself and I believed her. I know what she been through but once I saw her during her speaking engagement “Transforming your Brokenness into Your Beauty” being transparent, I cried and I loved it and I wished it was longer. I could go in depth about Chanel, but I will say this woman who is here, in front of us has endured a lot and she is conquering it. Chanel is a rose that grew from concrete and will continue to flourish. She will not let anything stop her now. I love Chanel immensely and she has made me so proud.

-Jodi Clarke

There was something special about Chanel when I first met her back in 2017 at the Doubletree Chelsea-NYC.  I sensed an air of determination, confidence, and an eagerness to learn and grow. During my time working with her, I saw firsthand the can-do attitude & the drive to get things done.  Those qualities were still there when I last saw her in 2019 and I guarantee they will be there forever. 

– John Solema